Monthly Studio Playlists

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At some point, I started tracking the albums I listen to while drawing. It began with me sharing them in Instagram stories, then escalated to me saving those Instagram stories to a highlight, and then eventually I started logging them (manually, like a sucker) in a spreadsheet. Maybe some day I’ll import some additional data about those albums and make a whole dorky set of charts about it.

Each playlist is available on both Tidal and Spotify because I know people mostly stream stuff. If you don’t use either of these platforms, you can use a tool like Soundiiz (or whatever else your heart desires) to import the playlist into your platform of choice. Disclaimer: there may be slight differences between the Tidal and Spotify plylists, and I don’t care yet enough to make a master playlist (I’m defaulting to Tidal for now, Spotify will be whatever is in the Tidal playlist minus whatever isn’t on Spotify. So: no Neil Young or Joni Mitchell or whoever else isn’t on the platform).

The most recent playlists will show up embedded below and then everything else will be a link in a list below that. If I’m behind, there might be two months at a time. 

November 2023



Past playlists: 

October 2023: Tidal / Spotify
September 2023: Tidal / Spotify
August 2023: Tidal / Spotify
July 2023: Tidal / Spotify