Monthly Studio Playlists

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At some point, I started tracking the albums I listen to while drawing. It began with me sharing them in Instagram stories, then escalated to me saving those Instagram stories to a highlight, and then eventually I started logging them (manually, like a sucker) in a spreadsheet. Maybe some day I’ll import some additional data about those albums and make a whole dorky set of charts about it.

And now: I’ve started making monthly playlists (first one is July 2023, maybe I’ll retroactively add a few but if I do, I’ll probably delete this blurb and you’ll have to hope the Wayback machine archived this site so you can hold me accountable). They don’t include every artist or album that I listened to over the course of the month because that would be too many, but if an artist made more than one appearance, they’re definitely in the playlist.

Each playlist is available on both Tidal and Spotify because I know people mostly stream stuff. If you don’t use either of these platforms, you can use a tool like Soundiiz (or whatever else your heart desires) to import the playlist into your platform of choice. Disclaimer: there may be slight differences between the Tidal and Spotify plylists, and I don’t care yet enough to make a master playlist (I’m defaulting to Tidal for now, Spotify will be whatever is in the Tidal playlist minus whatever isn’t on Spotify. So: no Neil Young or Joni Mitchell or whoever else isn’t on the platform).

The most recent playlist will show up embedded below and then everything else will be a link in a list below that.

August 2023



Past playlists: 

July 2023: Tidal / Spotify